EFF Call for sign-ons: ISPs, networking companies and engineers opposed to FCC privacy repeal

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Wed Mar 29 02:12:15 UTC 2017


My guess is you do not.

Which is -precisely- why the users (proletariat?) need to find a way to stop you. Hence laws & regulations.

Later in this thread you said “we are done here”. Would that you were so lucky.


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> Why am I supposed to care? 
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> On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 06:45:04PM +0000, Mel Beckman wrote: 
>> The claim oft presented by people favoring this customer abuse is that 
>> the sold data is anonymous. But it's been well-established that very 
>> simple data aggregation techniques can develop signatures that reveal 
>> the identity of people in anonymized data. 
> This needs to be repeated loudly and often at every possible opportunity. 
> I've spent much of the past decade studying this issue and the most succinct 
> way I can put it is that however good you (generic "you") think 
> de-anonymization techniques are, you're wrong: they're way better than that. 
> Billions, and I am not exaggerating even a little bit, have been spent 
> on this problem, and they've been spent by smart people with essentially 
> unlimited computational resources. And whaddaya know, they've succeeded. 
> So if someone presents you a data corpus and says "this data is anonymized", 
> the default response should be to mock them, because there is a very high 
> probability they're either (a) lying or (b) wrong. 
> Incidentally, I'm also a signatory of the EFF document, since of course 
> with nearly 40 years in the field I'm a mere clueless newbie and despite 
> ripping them a new one about once every other month, I'm clearly a tool 
> of Google. 
> ---rsk 

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