Facebook more specific via Level3 ?

Doug Porter dsp at fb.com
Tue Mar 21 21:55:14 UTC 2017

> looks like this is also affecting other prefixes:

Many of our prefixes are only announced to peers in the metro
they originate in.  Please stop obsessing about this detail; it's
not the problem.

> I understand that FB is using some type of DNS
> geo-loadbalancing and other mechanism to redirect users to
> (possibly) nearer mirrors.

We target traffic two ways.  One is relatively traditional dns
global load balancing, using the resolver ip.  The other
method---which steers the vast majority of our traffic---vends
urls that send people to a specific PoP based on their client ip.

It appears you're having a targeting problem.  Please reach out
to our NOC to get support.


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