Purchased IPv4 Woes

Rob McEwen rob at invaluement.com
Mon Mar 20 16:08:29 UTC 2017

On 3/20/2017 10:25 AM, Mike Hammett wrote:
> He did mention Hotmail.

I have no idea which blacklist is allegedly charging $2500 for 
investigating a listing. (I wonder if he meant to type $25.00?) Either 
way, I don't know who that is.

But I will say that, in general, many requesting a delisting from a 
blacklist OFTEN assume that a particular hoster that is blocking their 
messages MUST therefore be caused by the particular "known" blacklist 
they found themselves to be on. But, in many such cases, the host had 
their own internal blacklist or was using some OTHER 3rd party blacklist 
- that was possibly responding to the same "root cause" that the other 
"known" blacklist was reacting to as well, but where that particular 
"known" blacklist wasn't actually the direct reason that this hoster was 
blocking that sender.

So (absent more specific info proving such) this "known" blacklist that 
is allegedly charging a fee for research... could easily NOT be related 
to hotmail. (and probably isn't!)

Rob McEwen

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