difference with caching when connected to telia internet

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Fri Mar 17 19:24:55 UTC 2017

Yes I did... 

Netflix said, they are rcv'ing same prefixes with lower cost in DFW !!  I
have no idea why.  Netflix told me to advertise shorter prefixes to my local
cluster... I'm doing it now.  And strangely now the Netflix guy lost control
plane to one of my (2) nodes.  Someone is running out to put hands on it

Ggc said, they are rcv'ing more specific routes at other locations!  I have
no idea why this suddenly happened.  Then suddenly BOTH of my ggc node
cluster bgp sessions are bouncing !

I don't touch these caches, hardly ever... suddenly all this :|


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