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Chris Russell chris at
Tue Mar 14 08:23:07 UTC 2017

> Speakers are informed they are going to be recorded. If they have
> sensitive information, they can choose a track and ask it not be
> recorded. NANOG has done this in the past, but you should talk to the
> Program Committee if you are interested in this.

  We've had this within UKNOF ... sometimes people do not wish to be 
recorded, mainly due to confidentiality reasons (ie: advance heads up, 
or personal thoughts delivered to a specific audience).   Occasionally 
we have been asked to remove recordings at a later date due to changing 
circumstances etc.

  We explicitly mention the webcast/records on abstract submissions from 
memory, and also recently introduced shepherding to help presentations 
be more relevant (both to the speakers to help them in pushing a $clue 
or message, to our audience to ensure relevance and to us in terms of 
protection from litigation, etc). This applies to both submitted AND 
sponsor talks (the latter being incredibly useful and has shown a major 
increase in sponsor talk relevance and feedback ratings).

  People will always mention a lack of recording/webcast for this type 
of content ... but then arguably that is a driver to attend in person.


(UKNOF PC Chair)

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