WEBINAR TUESDAY: Can We Make IPv4 Great Again?

Bob Evans bob at FiberInternetCenter.com
Mon Mar 6 22:48:50 UTC 2017

I have had ipv4 transit with ATT for years (one provider of many)....and
the order originally placed was for both ipv4 and 6....yep still waiting.

Thank You
Bob Evans

> On 3/6/17 14:04, Dennis Burgess wrote:
>> Well try to get ATT to announce IPv6 though our AS!  Lol Been on the
>> phone with the for over a month.  Still no ETA :(
> Requests driven from the sales side should have the best results.
> Before Charter's sales turned into a hole of poor service, I had a
> account manager that actually cared about the whole picture. I told him
> the reason nobody before him was able to sell to us is because we have
> requirements that need to be deliverable (no native IPv6 no sale), can't
> deal in promises. Of course he's no longer there and I'm back to idiots
> that just want to see how high of a price they can get you to sign for,
> especially if you're already a customer there's no need to pretend to
> care further.
> ~Seth

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