google ipv6 routes via cogent

Nick Hilliard nick at
Fri Mar 3 12:00:28 UTC 2017

Niels Bakker wrote:
> As I explained in the rest of my email that you conveniently didn't
> quote, it's so that you can selectively import routes from all your
> providers in situations where your router cannot handle a full table.

it can also break horribly in situations where the provider is providing
"transit" but doesn't provide full transit.

OTOH, if you are single-homed, it is highly advisable to accept a
default, the reason being that most transit providers provide bgp
communities with "don't advertise to customers" semantics.  So if you're
single-homed and use a full dfz feed without default route, you will not
have full connectivity to all the routes available from the transit


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