Consumer networking head scratcher

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Just a quick sanity check here since I know we can occasionally overlook the simple things.  You have updated the firmware to the latest available version correct?  Have you checked for any odd services like QoS, parental controls or an IDS?  Have you tried wiping it to factory default and reconfiguring it?

What happens if you give the affected machine a new IP?  Could it be some service on the device affecting that specific IP?

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This all goes away when he reconnects his old router from what I remember...

If that is the case, then I would concentrate my effort on the new router, and its functionality (or lack of).  Could be something simple that you are missing on it as a setting, or assuming it works a certain way when it does not.  Sometimes these devices can be counter intuitive.

On Wed, Mar 1, 2017 at 1:23 PM, Aaron Gould <aaron1 at> wrote:

> That's strange... it's like the TTL on all Windows IP packets are 
> decrementing more and more as time goes on causing you to get less and 
> less hops into the internet
> I wonder if it's a bug/virus/malware affecting only your windows computers.
> -Aaron

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