IPv6 traffic percentages?

Jima nanog at jima.us
Fri Jun 23 21:58:21 CST 2017

On 2017-06-23 09:09, Lee Howard wrote:
> But I think you’re asking for a business education series that goes:
> 1. Enterprise business consideration of IPv6
>     a. It’s already on your network. All computers, tablets and phones have
> at least Link Local, and some set up tunnels. Plus, if your employees have
> dual-stack at home but single—stack VPN, you may not like your split
> tunnel.

Speaking with my Enterprise Day Job hat on...

I started doing analytics on IPv6 client support regarding a (currently 
IPv4-only) employee-facing web app my team hosts. Turns out that in 15% 
of connections with IPv6, the IPv4 is coming from a subsidiary VPN, but 
the IPv6 isn't VPN'd -- supporting your point. (That number may be 
artificially low, in that not all of our business units restrict the 
users' source IP.)

>     d. IPv4 runout doesn’t matter much to most enterprises. They only need
> a couple of addresses for new branch offices. Those enterprises who have
> their own IPv4 address block (from RIR, not ISP/LIR) should consider how
> much they could sell it for. At $15/address, a /16 approaches US$1
> million, which is real money to most CTOs.

When you get big enough (and go through enough mergers & acquisitions), 
RFC1918 runout becomes a serious, legitimate concern. That's been a big 
selling point for me.


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