IPv6 traffic percentages?

Radu-Adrian Feurdean nanog at radu-adrian.feurdean.net
Thu Jun 22 07:00:50 CST 2017

On Thu, Jun 22, 2017, at 08:18, Mukom Akong T. wrote:
> On 18 June 2017 at 17:36, Radu-Adrian Feurdean <nanog at radu-
> adrian.feurdean.net> wrote:>> so for the record, business customers are much more active in
>>  *rejecting* IPv6, either explictely (they say they want it
>>  disabled) or>>  implicitly (they install their own router, not configured for
>>  IPv6). The>>  bigger the business, the bigger the chance of rejection.
> Did they per chance state their reasons for rejecting it?

Not explicitly. But when we get something like "turn off that IPv6 crap
!" we take it for: - they don't have a clearly defined need for it
 - they don't know how to deal with it
 - they don't want to deal with things they don't need (see the
   irst point)... usually all of them at the same time.

To make it short : education. And we as as small ISP we have neither the
resources, nor the motivation (because $$$ on the issue is negative) to
do it (the education).

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