Vendors spamming NANOG attendees

Mark Andrews marka at
Tue Jun 20 23:05:01 CST 2017

In message <583541363.462.1497966071756.JavaMail.mhammett at ThunderFuck>, Mike Ha
mmett writes:
> I'm still not sure people understand the situation. There's an attendee
> list,  but that list doesn't have e-mail addresses. It didn't come from
> the mailing list. The person looked up who went to the conference and
> then found their e-mail address elsewhere. I also don't think the above
> is wrong in any way and people should just get on with their lives.

When will the US get sane anti-spam laws.  No, I don't expect a answer.

That behaviour here is illegal.  Any Australian company / individual
that does this can be fined regardless of where the email is sent
from in the world or which third party they hire to do it.  If you
send to a Australian email address you can also be fined, provided
you know it is a Australian address, as you are implicitly doing
business in Australia.  Remember you are choosing to do business
with Australia when you send the email.

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