PCIe adapters supporting long distance 10GB fiber?

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Tue Jun 20 20:28:46 CST 2017

On 6/15/2017 5:10 AM, chiel wrote:
> the server without it going first into a router/switch from vendor x. It
> seems to me that all the 10GB PCIe cards only support either copper
> 10GBASE-T, short range 10GBASE-SR or the 10 Km 10GBASE-LR (but only very
> few). Are there any PCIe cards that support 10GBASE-ER and 10GBASE-ZR? I
> can't seem to find any.

The chelsio 10G (T420 and T520) cards seem to support a wide variety. I
only have a couple of LR SFPs. Not sure about longer distances but they
seem to support every SFP I have tried in them. They are relatively
inexpensive. Perhaps give it a try and see


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