IPv4 Hijacking For Idiots

Scott Christopher s at xopher.net
Thu Jun 8 16:18:48 CST 2017

Scott Weeks wrote: 

> --- s at xopher.net wrote:
> From: Scott Christopher <s at xopher.net>
> I think the solution is legislation + regulations.
> ---------------------------------
> For sure dude, because, you know, they do such a 
> great job of all the other stuff they touch!
> scott
> ps. NOT!

I don't want to rain on all these sunny libertarian feelingz you have
bottled up - but the reason we have an Internet where small companies
can compete with big companies on equal footing is because of "net
neutrality" and the regulations that make that. This is why today we are
all using something better than AltaVista and faster than 56k dial-up.

Right now there is a cartel of providers that have no incentive to
secure BGP. Please explain how the free market fixes this on its own.


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