Vendors spamming NANOG attendees

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Fri Jun 16 21:42:39 CST 2017

it is becoming really painful

> Le 16 juin 2017 à 17:06, Alexander Maassen <outsider at> a écrit :
> the discussion about the external spam kinda exceeds the volume of the spam itself. just my 2 cents.
> just block, delete, continue life
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> On June 14, 2017 at 14:22 goemon at (Dan Hollis) wrote:
>> On Wed, 14 Jun 2017, bzs at wrote:
>>> Merely deciding not to patronize them may not be sufficient and that's
>>> why we make that sort of thing just outright illegal rather than hope
>>> market forces will suffice.
>> Most spam is sent from compromised machines anyway, so there are already 
>> criminal violations involved in sending spam.
> FWIW I believe the context was a vendor spamming NANOG attendees (see
> the Subject:) so not likely being done from compromised machines.
> That said, yes, a lot of spam is sent from compromised machines as you
> say.
> But criminal violations can be additive, even rising to things like
> RICO charges (a pattern of organized criminal behavior etc.) which can
> be both criminal and civil and added onto charges like the criminality
> of specific mechanisms (compromised systems etc.)
> It really depends on how interested one can get the legal machinery in
> the problem. Thus far that's hit or miss. I can't find any instance
> where RICO charges were used against a spam gang tho, at least on a
> quick search.
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