PCIe adapters supporting long distance 10GB fiber?

chiel chiel at gmx.net
Thu Jun 15 09:10:33 UTC 2017


We are deploying more and more server based routers (based on BSD). We 
have now come to the point where we need to have 10GB uplinks one these 
devices and I prefer to plug in a long range 10GB fiber straight into 
the server without it going first into a router/switch from vendor x. It 
seems to me that all the 10GB PCIe cards only support either copper 
10GBASE-T, short range 10GBASE-SR or the 10 Km 10GBASE-LR (but only very 
few). Are there any PCIe cards that support 10GBASE-ER and 10GBASE-ZR? I 
can't seem to find any.


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