Internet connectivity in Nigeria

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> PCCW? I dont think I've heard of them

Pccw would be sat3 glo1 and wacs maybe others.

Their looking glass can give you some idea into their reach with Nigeria with a little experimentation.

That said sat3 and glo1 combined have something like an order of magnitude less capacity than wacs so the survival / utility of any of the older systems when losing the newest ones is probably less than complete.

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>> PCCW has a strong presence in Africa and they are easy to work with.
>> - R.
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>> Subject: Internet connectivity in Nigeria
>> Hi All
>> Currently having a terrible situation in Nigeria where the GLO1 and
>> MainOne cables appear to be both down.
>> Can anyone suggest a good Nigerian ISP with redundancies enough to
>> overcome at least two of the following dying out?
>> SAT-3
>> GLO1
>> ACE
>> MainOne
>> Please dont say MTN or any of the Nigerian telcos, except there are no
>> other options, customer service will leave you trying to commit bodily
>> harm.

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