Net neutrality filing

Stephen Satchell list at
Sat Jun 17 17:54:57 CST 2017


Warning:  this is 63 pages long, and dull as dishwater.

It does have a few color pictures, though.  And one comic strip.

Summary: fix the statutes (thank you Sen. Stevens, for the junk!) and
apply Title II only to monopoly Internet access service providers.

I had sent this notice to a listserve (of which I'm a subscriber) of
telecomm policy people, and I'm getting a whole lot of pushback.  So I
thought, why should NANOG lose out on the fun?  So, instead of you
hearing about this in the sweet bye and bye, I'll get the firestorm over
with now, rather than stretching this out for three months.  (I'm on
this listserve, too.)

And if you think my ideas are bad, perhaps you will propose a better
suggestion to the FCC about the subject.

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