IPv4 Hijacking For Idiots

Scott Christopher s at xopher.net
Wed Jun 7 06:22:22 CST 2017

Mark Andrews wrote: 

> but we do have the tech to do this.

I wholeheartedly agree.

> All it takes is a couple of transit providers to no longer accept word-of-mouth and
> the world will transition overnight.

This is the hard part. 

It seems trivial - being probably only a handful of transit providers -
but then again, these providers have massive infrastructure spread
globally, often ancient legacy systems that still work, and management
has a legal responsibility in most places to maximize the profits of
their shareholders.

Look at the rollout of EMV in the U.S.: the world "has done had that
tech to do that" for decades (in Europe) but it only arrived in the U.S.
two years ago. And the U.S. doesn't do the (more secure) chip-and-pin
like the rest of the world (that costs too much money according to the
banks) but rather chip-and-signature. 

Whereas U.S. banks are (sometimes) liable for fraud on their systems,
transit providers don't have any liability for anything in the U.S. And
they are actively fighting for their right to transit some packets
faster than others - for an additional fee, of course!

I think the solution is legislation + regulations.


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