Proxying NetFlow traffic correctly

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at
Wed Jun 7 13:19:59 CST 2017

You may want to check out the SiLK netflow capture and analysis tool 
suite. Look in particular at it's SiLK Administrators Tools section which 
provides extensive flexibility for manipulating netflow exports. The 
analysis tools are quite good too.


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> Date: 06/06/2017 07:33 PM
> Subject: Proxying NetFlow traffic correctly
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> Hello,
> I have been searching for a solution that collects/duplicates 
> NetFlow traffic properly for a while but i couldn't find any.
> Do you know any good unix alternative to ntopng, flowd, flow-tools?
> nprobe of netflow seems to be the closest one to fit my needs but i 
> want to see if there are any other solution.
> My goal is to centralize NetFlow traffic into a single machine and 
> then proxy some flows to other destinations for further analysis
> Best Regards,
> Sami

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