DMCA processing software

Jason Baugher jason at
Wed Jun 7 05:17:54 CST 2017

I'm curious what people are using to manage DMCA takedown notices in
mid-sized networks. I've been searching, and have found the ACNS spec, and
a few obscure references to an RT plugin, but not much else. As the ISP I
work for grows, manual handling of notices is starting to be a problem. I'd
prefer something open-source so we can extend it to hook into our other
systems, but primarily I need something to parse the notice emails, store
the information, track the number of incidents over time, and generate
letters to users.

If nothing exists, and everyone just has in-house proprietary systems, then
we'll start down the same road, but I don't like to re-invent the wheel if
I can help it.


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