NANOG70 tee shirt mystery

David Barak thegameiam at
Mon Jun 5 00:06:51 CST 2017

Pearl Jam are from Seattle...

David Barak
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> On Jun 4, 2017, at 4:55 PM, Matthew Petach <mpetach at> wrote:
> So, I've been staring at the NANOG70 tee shirt for
> a bit now:
> and I have to admit, I'm a bit stymied.
> Usually, the tee-shirts are somewhat referential
> to the location or to a particular event; but this
> one is leaving me scratching my head.
> Is it perhaps a shot of the network engineering
> "Ooops (I broke the network again)"  concert
> tour?
> Or is there some other cultural reference at
> play that I'm not aware of?
> Enquiring minds want to know!(tm).  :)
> Matt

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