Leasing /22 blocks

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Jun 1 13:52:44 UTC 2017

Someone recently reached out to me and asked me about this same thing... to
which I responded by asking them how much they would pay me to lease my
address space... here was their response...I'm pretty sure they are
U.S.-based company.  I'd rather not say who they are... since I'm not sure
I'm at liberty to do so.

Please see below pricing (per month with 6 months commitment) : 

/19 - 2000$
/20 - 1200$
/21 - 600$
/22 - 400$
/23 - 200$
/24 - 100$

- Aaron

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Recently had someone offer to lease some IPv4 address space from me.  Have
never done that before. 

I thought I would ask the group what a reasonable monthly rate for a /22 in
the United States might be. 

Thanks in advance!

Ed(ward) Ray

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