ISP billing - data collection, correlation, and billing

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On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 4:48 AM Lee Howard <lee at> wrote:

> Depending on the capability of the exporter, you don't need to export full
flow information. With Cisco's Flexible Netflow you can define the
aggregation in the flow cache you are monitoring. You are not required to
use a 7-tuple.
An aggregation could be something basic like this:
Source interface
Destination interface

This would give you SNMP equivalent for byte accounting on interfaces
without requiring full flow accounting IF you're not forced to do sampling
and IF you have flexible netflow.

Another much more recent method around SNMP (sorry SNMP, I'm over you) is
streaming telemetry, which is part of Netconf/YANG/OpenConfig.
This is more of a push method for these yang data models(the relevent one
here being snmp interfaces table).
It already exists on some Juniper and Cisco platforms.
Mike Krygeris

> On 7/14/17, 2:47 PM, "NANOG on behalf of Luke Guillory"
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> >On the HFC / CMTS side of things we have IPDR which I believe has some
> >open source collectors out there. I'm not sure that IPDR is used much
> >outside of the HFC world though.
> IPDR was my first thought as an alternative to SNMP. Is its accuracy
> comparable? It’s been included into TR-069, so it’s theoretically
> available to telcos, too. And usage-based billing is part of it’s purpose.
> Not sure I’d want to use NetFlow/IPFIX, since by nature it tracks flows,
> not bits, and I don’t want to record flows. But I’d be interested in
> hearing others’ experience.
> Lee

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