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Tue Jul 18 16:13:03 CST 2017

On Tue, 18 Jul 2017 14:33:19 -0000, Graham Johnston said:
> My question is, has anyone gotten the Zabbix IT Services to work correctly?  
> Is there a trick to getting it to work, some configuration we are doing incorrectly?

We're a Zabbix shop, with a large number of boxes being monitored.

This may or may not be your problem, but it bit me big time when were were
first getting it up and running.  There's a "gotcha" with triggers, in that
they may have *TWO* values to provide hysteresis.  So if you have a trigger set
to go off at 25 wombats/second, and your system hits 32 wps, the trigger will
flag a problem.  It will *continue* doing so *not* until it drops below
25 wps, but until it drops down to the "clear" value (for example 10 wombats/sec).
SO you can be sitting at 11 or 13 or 12 for a long time, but it won't go
to OK until till it's below 10 when Zabbix checks. (A side effect is if it
manages to have a very short dip to 9.8 wps, and back up to 13, you'll be
scratching your head wondering how it went to OK. :)

(And then of course there's the "somebody had a wild hair" cases where the
trigger into trouble state is one hand-coded expression checking one thing, and
the "OK" trigger checks something entirely different. :)

Hope that helps.
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