Reporting/fixing broken airport/hotel/etc wifi?

Eric Kuhnke eric.kuhnke at
Fri Jul 14 20:43:21 CST 2017

I've found many times it's the other way around, with highly restrictive
captive portals that only allow traffic to 80 and 443. This is exactly the
reason why I have an OpenVPN server running in tcp mode (not udp) on 443.

On Fri, Jul 14, 2017 at 1:33 PM, Christopher Morrow <morrowc.lists at
> wrote:

> Was there a list of folks collecting to provide fix actions for
> hotel/airport/etc?
> Seems that IAD / Washington Dulles don't like "random" tcp/443 sites on the
> internet?
> for instance, ping, traceroute, http but no https :(
> https works just fine from lots of other places on the tubes... just not
> the dulles wifi.
> -chris

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