Temperature monitoring

Nick Hilliard nick at foobar.org
Fri Jul 14 11:26:56 CST 2017

Harlan Stenn wrote:
> If you do this on enough boxes, you should have an easy time seeing what
> happens on boxes where you have an easier time watching ntpd's drift
> value than you have watching a nearby dedicated temperature sensor.

sweet from a technical point of view, but if you have elevated
temperatures in a DC (happens all the time with CRACs tripping out), and
you need to report this to the DC operations centre and the conversation
would be hilarious if you started talking about ntpd drift

customer: ohai, we're seeing the sort of clock drift from ntp monitoring
that suggests there is a temperature issue near cabinet X.

datacentre: huh, what's ntp?

customer: it's a time control protocol.

datacentre: the time is 12:23.  Closing the ticket now.

customer: but you have a temperature problem!  Our clocks said so!

datacentre: ticket is closed.  please open a new ticket.

Repeat until customer gives up in despair.

Three weeks later, the customer is billed for 14 smart hands tickets
relating to asking what the time was.


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