noction vs border6 vs kentik vs fcp vs ?

ShaColby Jackson shacolby at
Wed Jul 12 18:03:50 CST 2017

I know this topic has gone around a couple times but wondering if there are
any new strong opinions on inbound+outbound traffic analysis with a bonus
for excellence in traffic engineering at the edge. A typical use case would
be finding an AS or prefix representing a large volume of inbound and/or
outbound traffic via provider A that could just as well or better be moved
via provider B.

I know solutions like Kentik do a lot more but I’m focusing on just the
above use case. Also ignoring the cloud vs. on-prem difference, assume that
doesn’t matter.

Will reward any helpful advice with a picture of me give you a virtual
high-five or 2 thumbs up. Your choice.

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