BGP peering question

Nick Hilliard nick at
Tue Jul 11 19:19:11 CST 2017

craig washington wrote:
> Newbie question, what criteria do you look for when you decide that
> you want to peer with someone or if you will accept peering with
> someone from an ISP point of view.

If you're new to the game, peer with everyone you can and use route
servers aggressively.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

At the point at which you have a medium sized network, in the sense of
maintaining multiple peering points, PNIs, transit customers, and tens
to hundreds of gigs of traffic (i.e. the stage at which you actually
have to think a bit about your traffic routing policies), you might want
to consider whether it's worth your while peering with smaller players
and also whether whether route servers are still a good fit for your
business requirements.

If you are very large, the rules are completely different and will
depend entirely on your business model.  Some organisations thrive on
open interconnection models; others prefer to be highly selective.


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