Some advice on IPv6 planning and ARIN request, please

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Tue Jul 11 11:01:01 CST 2017

Mark Andrews <marka at> writes:

> If I had 32 departments and were wanting to give them equal sized
> allocations then I'd give them a /53 each which is 2064 subnets
> each.  It isn't that hard to do 8 delegations in the reverse tree
> for each of the 32 departments.  Delegation on nibble boundaries
> is for convience and nothing else.

I believe you under-estimate the importance of sysadmin convenience...

Yes, you *can* do 8 delegations.  And you are of course right - it's not
even hard.  But it does come with a "less convenient" price tag, so
you'd better get something back.  What was that, exactly?  Right, you
saved a /48.  Big deal.


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