EdgeRouter Infinity as medium-sized "IXP Peering Router"?

Mike Hammett nanog at ics-il.net
Mon Jul 3 22:38:40 CST 2017

I'm Ubiquiti's biggest critic. I'll check with my colleagues. 

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Subject: EdgeRouter Infinity as medium-sized "IXP Peering Router"? 

Dear NANOG, 

Some friends of mine are operating a nonprofit (on shoe string) and looking 
to connect some CDN caches to an IX fabric. A BGP speaking device is needed 
between the caches and the BGP peers connected to the fabric. The BGP 
speaker is needed to present the peers on the IX with a unified view of the 
assemblage of CDN nodes. 

I was wondering whether anyone was experience with the "EdgeRouter Infinity 
XG" device, specifically in the role of a simple peering router for a 
couple of tens of thousands of routes. (I'd point default to the left and 
take just the on-net routes on the right to reduce the table size 

I hope the device can do at least 2xLACP trunks, has a sizable FIB, is 
automatable (supports idempotency), can forward IMIX at line-rate, *flow, 
and exposes some telemetry via SNMP. 

Any note sharing would be appreciated! 

Kind regards, 


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