External BGP Controller for L3 Switch BGP routing

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappytelecom.net
Sat Jan 14 05:24:36 UTC 2017


A while back there was a discussion on how to do optimized (dynamic) BGP routing on a L3 switch which is only capable of handing a subset of BGP Routing table.

Someone has pointed out that there was a project to do just that, and had posted a link to a presentation on a European operator (Ireland ? ) who had done some code to take Exabgp and create such a setup..

(I am going by memory... )... Needless to say I am trying to find that link, or name of that project.

Anyone who can help in refreshing my memory with the link (my search skill are failing to find that presentation !)
would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks in Advance.

Faisal Imtiaz

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