DWDM Optics cheaper than CWDM Optics?

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappytelecom.net
Tue Jan 31 17:42:05 UTC 2017

Since I am in the middle of doing something similar, I will share my observations.

CWDM Advantage:-
     Passive CWDM Muxes are less expensive than the  DWDM counterparts.
     Short Range optics (CWDM) are favorable priced 
     Long Range optics are not so favorably priced.
      ( I guess that is due to production volume).

Deploying a CWDM passive mux solution, can allow you to stack a DWDM mux on the 1530-1560 CWDM channel.
(one has to pay attention to the loss/attenuation calcs).

If you need to Regen the light.. then there are a lot of solutions (cost effective) available for the DWDM channel range
(have not been able to find any kind of amps for CWDM.. if anyone has suggestions, I would be open to them).

Amount of channels available on CDWM are limited in qty when compared to what is possible with DWDM.

When using long rage optics, pay attention to the equipment you are plugging them in.. not all optical ports are capable of supplying the amount of power and heat dissipation required.

As to the original question about the quality of optics from FS.COM..
We have no complaints, when there were mistakes made, they stood behind their products and corrected them.
I would recommend that you deal with one of their many Sales Rep's vs just placing order online.

Their products match the specs they list.. They are also able to do some custom stuff which is not listed on their web site..
(i.e. provide muxes which have a lower insertion loss in certain configurations).


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> Hello,
> fs.com offers DWDM optics that are cheaper than CWDM optics:
> CWDM 80km 10G for 600$ http://www.fs.com/c/cisco-cwdm-sfp-plus-2425?70-80km
> DWDM 80km 10G for 420$ http://www.fs.com/c/cisco-dwdm-sfp-plus-2485?70-80km
> This is significant.
> Is this for real? Has anybody bought their DWDM optics?
> Going with DWDM and passive Mux/Demux seems to be cheaper nowadays than going
> with CWDM.
> Regards
> Karl

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