DWDM Optics cheaper than CWDM Optics?

Bob Evans bob at FiberInternetCenter.com
Tue Jan 31 15:39:26 UTC 2017

I have been under the impression for years now that the age of the fiber
may play a roll in which you prefer due to channel spacing needed to cram
in more frequencies. Never really came across a real world situation where
one didn't work as well as the other. There is probably more things to
consider than the fiber's age.

Thank You
Bob Evans

> Hello,
> fs.com offers DWDM optics that are cheaper than CWDM optics:
> CWDM 80km 10G for 600$
> http://www.fs.com/c/cisco-cwdm-sfp-plus-2425?70-80km
> DWDM 80km 10G for 420$
> http://www.fs.com/c/cisco-dwdm-sfp-plus-2485?70-80km
> This is significant.
> Is this for real? Has anybody bought their DWDM optics?
> Going with DWDM and passive Mux/Demux seems to be cheaper nowadays than
> going with CWDM.
> Regards
> Karl

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