radb mirroring

Job Snijders job at instituut.net
Wed Jan 25 20:27:40 UTC 2017

This is a clear case of broken mirroring. Unfortunately this is not immediately apparent (for the operator) through the IRRd software. Usually this is resolved by directly contacting the other side.

I've found RADB support staff to be responsive and courteous. radb-support at merit.edu (mailto:radb-support at merit.edu). This address is also useful for IRR hijacking issues or false entries.

Kind regards,


On 25 Jan 2017, 20:16 +0100, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com>, wrote:
> [ where does one discuss IRR issues these days? ]
> ryuu.psg.com:/Users/randy> whois -h whois.radb.net
> route:
> descr: RGNET-98-244
> origin: AS3130
> notify: rw at rg.net
> mnt-by: MAINT-RGNET
> changed: randy at psg.com 20090411
> source: RGNET
> but
> ryuu.psg.com:/Users/randy> whois -h whois.rg.net
> % No entries found for the selected source(s).
> broken mirroring in some way?
> how to diagnose?
> randy

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