S: Contact Qwest DNS Admin / Recovery Point Systems => Re Broken DNSSEC chain / unreachable DNS Addresses: www.bea.gov

Benoit Panizzon benoit.panizzon at imp.ch
Fri Jan 20 13:24:31 UTC 2017


There are several DNS issues with www.bea.gov (Bureau of Economic
Analysis) which prevent our customers to reach that site (we have
DNSSEC and IPv6 enabled resolvers).


I did send emails to the the SOA contact records the bea.gov www.bea.gov
and the DNS Server Domains.

I did send emails to the tech contacts found in the ARIN IP Ranges of
those DNS servers.

I did send email to contacts found on the website itself.

I did receive several read confirmations, during the last month. So I
know my emails are being read. But nobody replies and the problem is
not being fixed.

bea.gov name server sauthns1.qwest.net.
bea.gov name server sauthns2.qwest.net.

sauthns1.qwest.net has address
sauthns1.qwest.net has IPv6 address 2001:428::7

sauthns2.qwest.net has address
sauthns2.qwest.net has IPv6 address 2001:428::8

Operated by: Qwest Communications Company, LLC

www.bea.gov name server ns1.recoverypoint.net.
www.bea.gov name server ns3.recoverypoint.net.

ns1.recoverypoint.net has address
ns1.recoverypoint.net has IPv6 address 2607:f478:0:4005::35

ns3.recoverypoint.net has address
ns3.recoverypoint.net has IPv6 address 2607:f478:0:4005::36

CIDR:           2607:F478::/32

So as a last resort I try the nanog list now, hoping that somebody
reads this who is able to forward this email to the right person, or
point me to the person in charge.

Any Help appreciated.

-Benoît Panizzon-
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