Common Reliable Out Of Band Management Options at Carrier Hotels

Markus universe at
Fri Jan 20 20:50:53 UTC 2017

Am 17.01.2017 um 22:59 schrieb Darin Herteen:
> So my inquiry is... What does the list find to be a reasonably priced yet reliable solution in carrier hotels for OOB? Or is that contradictory :)

I use a basic 3G/GSM broadband router (Huawai, year 2007, 80 USD or so) 
with a 10 USD/month SIM (500 megs data plan) and a Linux box where the 
broadband router is plugged into one of the physical interfaces on that 
Linux box. Then a 5 USD/month VPS in a far away Eastern European country 
that most people have never even heard of, where OpenVPN runs in server 
mode. On the Linux box in my LAN OpenVPN runs in client mode and then 
some static routes that point to the broadband router for the IP address 
of the OpenVPN server and it's done. If I want to access my LAN I will 
SSH into the VPS and from there SSH into the private IP that OpenVPN 
assigned to the client.


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