Questions on IPv6 deployment

Matthew Crocker matthew at
Mon Jan 16 15:11:11 UTC 2017


I’m AS7849 and I have an IP problem.

I’m running IPv4 ( /16 legacy + /20) and have enough space to last me for  a while,  multi-homed, BGP4 full tables + peering, ect.
I have some new shiny Juniper MX480s (RE-S-2X00x6, 64MB RAM) in my core.

I want to start building my IPv6 infrastructure.

I have a /32 assigned from ARIN (2001:4918::/32)

I’m looking for some direction/reading list of how to properly configure IPv6.  I’ve read to use a /64 for PtP interfaces and I’ve read use a /128 instead.    Assign all loopbacks from the same /64, use a different /64 for each loopback. Ect, ect.

I’m trying not to light a religious war but what is the current best practice for IPv6 deployment in a service provider network?

PS.  I’ll be at NANOG69 in DC next month,  1st NANOG for me after 22 years.  ☺


Matthew Crocker
Crocker Communications, Inc.

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