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>On 12 January 2017 at 20:32, Justin Krejci <JKrejci at> wrote:
>> . I have not found many resources discussing using a non-router box as a route reflector (ie a device not necessarily in the forwarding path of the through traffic). I am thinking things like OpenBGPd and BIRD could make a good route reflector though they are most often discussed in the context of IXPs (ie eBGP sessions).
>The CSR1000v (IOS-XE),IOS-XRv and vMX are production ready. People are
>deploying these in production and its increasing in popularity.

Any thoughts on vRR vs. vMX for this use case?  I see Mark called out vRR 
as having morphed into vMX, but AFAIK vRR is just vMX minus the forwarding 
plane, is targeted as an out-of-path reflector, and coexists with vMX as a 
different deployment option rather than having been replaced by it.  I 
would assume that vRR should come in a few bucks lower than the vMX as a 
result, but I've only previously gotten quotes on vRR not vMX.

>Mark Tinka gave a good preso at a recent Nanog:

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