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Geoffrey Keating geoffk at
Thu Jan 12 00:32:25 UTC 2017

Keenan Singh <keenansingh at> writes:

> Hi Guys
> We are an ISP in the Caribbean, and are faced with extremely high Bandwidth
> costs, compared to the US, we currently use Peer App for Caching however
> with most services now moving to HTTPS the cache is proving to be less and
> less effective. We are currently looking at any way we can save on
> Bandwidth or to be more Efficient with the Bandwidth we currently have. We
> do have a Layer 2 Circuit between the Island and Miami, I am seeing there
> are WAN Accelerators where they would put a Server on either end and sort
> of Compress and decompress the Traffic before it goes over the Layer 2, I
> have never used this before, has any one here used anything like this, what
> results would I be able to expect for ISP Traffic?
> If not any ideas on Bandwidth Savings, or being more Efficient with want we
> currently.

For Apple-originated data there's Caching Server, part of macOS

You buy a Mac, and get macOS Server from the App Store.  If you're
using a typical single-outgoing-IP NAT, put the Mac behind the NAT,
and make sure other hosts on the NAT can talk to it.  If you're using
public IP space, or you have NATs where you can't do that, you add
DNS-SD TXT records to the search domain for your customers' machines
(as configured with DHCP).  Then your customers will use the Mac as a
local caching source of Apple software updates and store content.  You
can have several and they'll automatically cluster and failover.

There's documentation at

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