Bandwidth Savings

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Wed Jan 11 17:47:49 UTC 2017

The first step would be profiling your traffic sources. I would imagine you probably have a bunch of YouTube, Netflix et al. content, that those content providers will send you a cache box for, subject to minimum traffic requirements.

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> On 11 Jan 2017, at 04:08, Keenan Singh <keenansingh at> wrote:
> Hi Guys
> We are an ISP in the Caribbean, and are faced with extremely high Bandwidth
> costs, compared to the US, we currently use Peer App for Caching however
> with most services now moving to HTTPS the cache is proving to be less and
> less effective. We are currently looking at any way we can save on
> Bandwidth or to be more Efficient with the Bandwidth we currently have. We
> do have a Layer 2 Circuit between the Island and Miami, I am seeing there
> are WAN Accelerators where they would put a Server on either end and sort
> of Compress and decompress the Traffic before it goes over the Layer 2, I
> have never used this before, has any one here used anything like this, what
> results would I be able to expect for ISP Traffic?
> If not any ideas on Bandwidth Savings, or being more Efficient with want we
> currently.
> Many thanks for any Help
> Keenan

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