Fiber Costs [Was: Re: SoCal FIOS outage(?) / static IP readdressing]

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In a message written on Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 10:21:53AM -0500, Fletcher Kittredge wrote:
> Numbers for building fiber optic systems are out there if you do the
> research. Joining the FTTH Council is a good start. One thing to recognise
> is that the numbers vary widely based on what is being built and where it
> is being built. There are large regional, technology, and product
> variations. Verizon has economies of scale few can match.

That's actually why I find this interesting.  It's not so much the
raw price, as I'm sure there is plenty written on that in various
forums and anyone serious about putting fiber in the ground knows
what they are.  Rather it's the external factors that affect price.
I'm sure everyone on this list could guess labor prices and permitting
vary, but the anicdotal information about permitting, soil, working
with other utilities, and so on that drives much of the cost is

Perhaps I could have phrased better, I don't care so much that it's
$15/foot in Frostbite Falls, but I am very interested in why it is
$15/foot in Frostbite Falls.

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