Soliciting your opinions on Internet routing: A survey on BGP convergence

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>On Tue, Jan 10, 2017 at 03:51:04AM +0100, Baldur Norddahl wrote:
>> If a transit link goes, for example because we had to reboot a router,
>> traffic is supposed to reroute to the remaining transit links.
>> Internally our network handles this fairly fast for egress traffic.
>> However the problem is the ingress traffic - it can be 5 to 15 minutes
>> before everything has settled down. This is the time before everyone
>> else on the internet has processed that they will have to switch to
>> your alternate transit.
>> The only solution I know of is to have redundant links to all transits.
>Alternatively, if you reboot a router, perhaps you could first shutdown
>the eBGP sessions, then wait 5 to 10 minutes for the traffic to drain
>away (should be visible in your NMS stats), and then proceed with the
>Of course this only works for planned reboots, not suprise reboots.

...or link failures.

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