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Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Mon Jan 9 18:40:23 UTC 2017

On Mon, Jan 9, 2017 at 11:20 AM, Matt Freitag <mlfreita at> wrote:

> Joel,
> I can't speak to ""

Neither can I, but that may not mean much. Perhaps someone else can
validate that they're reputable and can execute a transaction end to end?

If you need IPv4 addresses for your network:

1. Make sure you have an IPV6 allocation from your favorite RIR and are
using it
2. Apply for and receive a last /22 from RIPE. EVERYONE can do this.
3. Contact a reputable broker.

The ones I have experience with (Alphabetical):

    A. Peter Thimmesch at Addrex
    B. Amy Cooper at Hilco Streambank
    C. Mike Burns at

ARIN also publishes a list (which is not a requirement to be able to
transact or support transfers):

Network operators have many choices for answering their IP numbering needs
these days. Including IPv6.

Sorry to be a broken record on this topic, but it seems to come up a lot.
And if you search the archives I'll suspect you'll find something similar
to this a few time now.

An educated network operator is the best kind. That's why we are here.

YMMV and Best,


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