Bonded VDSL2 / ADSL2+ Modems with 4 or more lines bonded

Colton Conor colton.conor at
Mon Jan 9 15:11:47 UTC 2017

What options are out there to bond 4 or more DSL lines together?

I know Positron has a 4 and 8 pair VDSL2 modem

Adtran has a 8 port VDSL2 modem

and an Adtran 12 port ADSL2+ modem

Actelis has a 8 pair VDS2 Modem:

Is there anyone else out there? The problem with all these solutions is
they each cost over $1000, which is a lot considering 2 port bonded VDSL2
modems are in the $75-150 range. I know demand for these products is low,
but still hoping there is an OEM version.

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