RE: SoCal FIOS outage(?) / static IP readdressing

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Depending on the area and conditions (rock, etc).  We're seeing
$4 /foot Aerial
$5-$7 /foot direct bury
$10 - $14 /foot directional bore
These are not including the fiber cable itself.

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Our model is 15k a mile all in, this is for aerial not underground for our HFC/Coax builds. A partner of ours models their underground fiber builds at 30k a mile.

This is in south Louisiana so your market may vary as always.

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> I solved this issue by making my own ISP.

I’ve been thinking of the same in my underserved area. Labor is $5/foot here and despite friends and colleagues telling me to move, it seems I have a sub-60 month ROI (and sub-year for some areas I’ve modeled with modest uptake rates of 15-20% where the other options are fixed wireless, Cellular data or dial).

Hope is to do a presentation in the fall or next year with progress. We have areas around here where Comcast, (AT&T or Frontier) don’t even serve. The municipality is off getting bids to build due to market failure by the incumbents to invest. municipal fiber is nigh on illegal here in Michigan but with no incumbent it is feasible and my hope is will lock out people who are unwilling to invest despite their market cap.

- Jared

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