Cellular enabled console server

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Fri Feb 24 16:22:04 UTC 2017


> NANOG - Are any of you running a console server to access your network
> equipment via a serial connection at a remote site?  If so, what are you
> using and how much do you like it?  I have a project where I need to stand
> up over 100 remote sites and would like a backdoor to the console just to
> be able to see what's going on with the equipment to hopefully avoid a
> truck roll for something simple like a hung device.  I need 4 console ports
> and 1 RJ45 ethernet jack.  My quick Google search landed me at
> BlackBox LES1204A-3G-R2, but I've never actually used such a device.  This
> would be for use in the USA.

I don't have experience with those devices, but I did just have a conversation about this with people from Opengear and they told me they have experience with it and you can even set up a OpenVPN over cellular and bridge to the ethernet port to access the management LAN. I haven't tested it yet, but at least their sales people say it works :)


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