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On Fri 2017-Feb-24 10:36:58 +0700, Roland Dobbins <rdobbins at> wrote:

>On 24 Feb 2017, at 10:31, Israel G. Lugo wrote:
>>Does anyone know of something similar to this exist in commodity 
>>software, outside of custom solutions developed for a specific 
>FWIW, I'm pretty sure Visio has been able to snmpwalk for many years.  
>Some NMSes have this sort of capability, too.

None of these necessarily get to your ideal state, but at least get you 
going wrt discovery for semi-dynamic documentation.

- have not used, but has been around the block.

- have used for rudimentary discovery
- have not beat on it extensively

- used at previous $dayjob
- decent integration/exports for other common monitoring or network 
   management tools

/r/networking may have more.

At the very least they should get you going without excessive setup time 
while you eval whether they fit the bill or you want something more 

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