Comcast IPv6 PD Centos

Blake Dunlap ikiris at
Thu Feb 23 06:02:39 UTC 2017

I've tried to get it to work in the past, and finally just switched to
a different platform for my "firewall". It's just really really broken
in RHEL6/7 derivatives to try to get dhcp-pd to work properly without
a lot of jank and external script hooks that are fragile at best
without writing something actually stateful to manage the changes at
the kernel level + userspace along with interacting with the
distribution's network config manager.

If you really want to do it, you'll need to switch to a different dhcp
flavor like ISC and then write some hook scripts, or you have to swap
to a different network configuration management structure.

Alternately, you'll likely have a better experience with an edgerouter
X or Ubuntu.

All that said, it's been a while, so things might be better now? I'd
ask on the ISC lists or stackexchange/reddit maybe to see.

On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 9:41 PM, Bryan Holloway <bryan at> wrote:
> What endpoint do you have? Some of Comcast's devices -- notably the
> SMCD3G-CCR -- have a broken IPv6 PD implementation.
> On 2/22/17 6:55 PM, Jared Mauch wrote:
>> It may be helpful to look at the forums at UBNT. They have details of how
>> to make it work on their edge router platform which is a Linux box
>> underneath.
>> Jared Mauch
>>> On Feb 22, 2017, at 6:59 PM, Harry Hoffman <hhoffman at>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi Folks,
>>> I'm wondering if anyone has successfully configured prefix delegation on
>>> Comcast's service using CentOS 7 as a router/firewall.
>>> I'm trying to help troubleshoot a configuration and I can't find anything
>>> current via Google.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Harry

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