Juniper QFX port VLAN statistics via SNMP - is it possible?

Jeroen Wunnink Jeroen.Wunnink at
Wed Feb 22 14:34:01 UTC 2017

On a different vendor (Brocade) we used to work around that by putting a rate-limiter onto a vlan and polling the rate-limit counter, not sure if that’d work on a QFX as well though.

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On 22/02/2017, 10:33, "NANOG on behalf of Stanislaw" < at on behalf of me at> wrote:

    Hi everybody,
    Is it possible to obtain switched traffic statistics in a port+vlan 
    aspect via SNMP on Juniper QFX switches?
    For example, Extreme switches have a 'vlan monitor' feature:
    configure ports all monitor vlan <vlan_name>
    then its counters are available by OID . and 
    Does anyone know if Juniper has a similar feature?

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