Juniper Advertise MED on EBGP session.

Olivier Benghozi olivier.benghozi at
Tue Feb 21 16:38:12 UTC 2017

What metric do you intend to advertise to an eBGP peer?

iBGP MED to eBGP MED ? MED being a non-transitive attribute, I guess it's not expected to work if you don't explicitly set a MED in the export policy (you might rely on setting and matching communities for that) or on the peer group.
It's not be expected to work on Cisco without explicitly setting the MED, either.

IGP metric to MED ? It seems to just work as is here, at least for RIP and OSPF (as long as you don't do anything to the MED in your export policy): RIP metric and OSPF metric  are exported spontaneously as MED (when using OSPF E2 routes, beware of the static aspect of their metric).


> On 21 feb. 2017 at 16:26, Leo Bicknell <bicknell at> wrote:
> I tried to pull an old trick out of my playbook this morning and
> failed.  I'd like to advertise BGP Metrics on an EBGP session,
> specifically the existing internal metrics.  I know how to do this
> on a Cisco, but I tried on a Juniper and it seems to be impossible.
> I can set a metric in a policy, or put a default metric on the
> session as a whole, or even set it to IGP.  But none of those are
> what I want.  I want the existing metrics advertised as-is, just
> like would be done over an IBGP session.  After an hour of reading
> documentation and trying a few things, I'm starting to think it
> may be impossible on JunOS.

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